The Hummingbird

I think Hummingbirds are really fascinating. Their heart can beat twenty times per second and is so stinkin’ teeny tiny. For their size though, Hummingbird’s hearts are quite big.  Hummingbirds can dive at 60 miles per hour and they can fly backwards. They work so hard to exist. They also suffer from heart attacks more than I expected.

I’m not trying to inspire you guys to become hummingbirds, rather I want to inspire through their biggest imperfection—their heart.


One of the hardest things in the world is to be vulnerable—just kind of strip everything away and lay your emotions, your heart, out on the table.

It is something I am working on myself. It’s terrifying but I think being vulnerable is the best way to create genuine connections and let you really be seen. It takes courage and willingness to let those people in but it also liberates others to feel like they can open up their world to you. Whether it is admitting you don’t know how to do something but would like to learn or sharing a feeling with someone that you haven’t quite worked out yourself, being vulnerable allows for opportunity.

You can’t pick and choose what you feel or numb certain feelings with a six pack of beer or an entire pint of ice cream. When you mute certain emotions, you mute all of them and it’s these vulnerabilities that make you beautiful.  Being able to embrace and own those tough parts of your life is what allows you to feel things wholeheartedly

So, let your heart beat fast and hard to keep up with you. Put it to work and feel every beat inside your chest because if by chance it does fail at least you’ll know, like a hummingbird, you gave it everything you had.


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