Giving Thanks — Lessons from a big, dumb dog

Gnawing away on the leg of a long forgotten animal, Bobo really isn’t much different than most of us on Thanksgiving day. Focused on the deer leg before him, he has zeroed in. The rest of the world does not exist. That is until suddenly — snap—Shredder has come pouncing out of the woods and enticed Bobo to join him in one of their favorite dog activities, looking out at the land.

Sitting at the top of his hill, Bobo stares out into the distance as he watches over what he most certainly thinks is all his. Similar to how the polar bears must be starting to feel, Bobo is a giant splash of white in an otherwise brown and green landscape. He yawns. Rolls over. Squirms in the grass to get that one impossible to reach scratch. Stands up.

Now, this place he sits to watch upon his kingdom just happens to be in front of the biggest window in the house. After taking turns narrating Bobo’s thoughts, I hop outside to give him some love. He slowly makes his way over, as to not seem too eager, but nudges right into you so there is no mistaking what he wants. As I reach down to pet Bobo he flops onto the ground, never letting his eyes leave me. Bobo is happy.


As I wander over to the volleyball court Bobo follows me. He joins one of the teams as their 7th member, taking up more space than each person. Unaware of the volleyball speeding above him, Bobo makes the rounds to each person — just to check on them. Realizing he is not the center of attention, Bobo makes his way back to coveted deer leg.

Sitting down to return to the moment where he started, Bobo is once again fully engaged in his deer leg. As I sit down on the couch to check my email, attempt to Skype a friend, watch college basketball, write this very blog post, I’ve been certain about the fact that I think Bobo is big and lovable. Uncertain, entirely, about where I was going with this blog post. The contrast between Bobo and me, however, comes down to Bobo’s single track mind. And now, for the holidays, I’m determined to take a lesson from Bobo. The best way to give thanks is to give each moment, each person, each deer leg, the time it deserves.


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