Hello Sunshine, I remember you

this guy

Life in Ketchikan is pretty dang simple and the smallest victories take giant strides toward plastering a smile on my face. You know that game universal to every carnival, fair, theme park, etc., where you slug a hammer down as hard as you can and try to get the bell to ring? If you replace that bell with happiness, I’ve had a couple pretty solid swings this week: Becoming reacquainted with the Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, stumbling upon an awesome craft store with Elle and finding beautiful wildflowers on top of Dude Mountain has almost knocked the bell off entirely.

Living in a town where it’s almost easier to communicate with smoke signals and finding an especially ripe salmonberry bush means a good day has given me a new perspective on what to expect when I wake up in the morning. While I might complain about my new best friend–the constant drizzling rain, and the lack of a Chipotle, Ketchikan has made me appreciate life on a day-to-day basis. When my hardest tasks are deciding whether to wear my jacket or leave it in the guide tote and praying to the ziplining gods for fit, friendly, non-frugal clients (friends), there’s not much room to call it a bad day.

Here’s my week in photos:



Hole in the Wall Bar

The bartender Heather leaned over the soggy wooden counter and nodded her head to the right toward the grizzly man with the fu manchu, “Watch out for that guy, he’s a wolf trapper but fancies himself a lady trapper.” Heading her warning all I could really hear about my new friend Falcon McCallister was the wolf trapper part. Wolves! Growing up in the more tame midwest, our Kindergarten graduation question of ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ was answered by veterinarian, teacher, fire fighter, repeat. Before Friday night I had never met a wolf trapper but the lifestyle is standard for Alaska, especially Ketchikan.

Every town has its own hole in the wall bar, Ketchikan got creative enough to name its just that–Hole in the Wall. The locals that might as well pay rent are exactly what I had in mind when I decided to move to the salmon capital of the world. Their faces tell more about the tough, rainy, carhart, xtra tuff rainboot, fisherman life than I can:

Falcon McCallister dances with wolves too


Part of the band